Membership Application for Stamp Club Postaumaat.

If you would like to apply as a member of the stamp club Postaumaat, you can fill out the form below, sign it and send it to:
Membership administration Pzv Postaumaat
Landmeerseloop 17, 5032 BX Tilburg The Netherlands.

If you want further information, please email Th. F. de Klaver

My interests are:

Stamp booklets - The Netherlands
Booklets - rest of the World
Coil stamps - The Netherlands
Coil stamps - The rest of the World
Automat labels - The Netherlands
Automat labels - The rest of the World
Postage labels

Your name:

Street and house number:

Zip code, City and Country:


  • Membership € 35,- a year.
  • You can visit our meetings 4 times a year, for exchanging information, buying and selling.
  • You'll get the Bulletin (in Dutch) 4 times a year, with info about Dutch and foreign; booklets, Hang and Sell booklets, coilstamps, automat & postage labels.
  • You can subscribe for the new issue service for booklets of the Netherlands and the Rest of the World and coilstamps of the Netherlands.
  • We have our own auctions. You can offer your material for the auction or place a bid.
    A bidlist for the auction is here available (only for members!)
  • You can get help from our own committee for judging the authenticity of: booklets of the world, coilstamps of The Netherlands and Hang & Sell booklets of The Netherlands.

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