Hang and Sell booklets

As of 1996 PTT offers stamp sheetlets for sale in a carton wrapping, also known as "Hang and Sell" booklets. Sheetlets of 10 commemoratives or sheetlets of 25 Beatrix stamps in such a wrapping became available in automats or at PTT counters. Indicative for the wrapping is the hole ("eye") for easy display of the product on the counter wall. The first few sheetlets came loose in a carton, the next generation sheetlets is attached to the carton with dots of glue.

Hangboekje FC Knudde
HB 12: sheetlet "tien van FC Knudde"
Hangboekje Beatrix 25 maal 80
HBb 1: sheetlet 25x Beatrix 80c

Over the years many discussions have taken place about the true nature of these products (booklets or no booklets) and whether or not they should rank within the scope of the POSTAUMAAT areas of interest.

Many aspects that make collecting booklets so interesting, are also to be found in "Hang and Sell" booklets. Looking for varieties is a true sport. The most important varieties occur in the folding of the carton, the way the carton is glued, the way the sheetlet itself is glued to the carton, the printing of the carton, but also classic variations like plate errors, shifting of the print and changes in the text.
As of 1 July 2001 PTT has discontinued the sale of "Hang and Sell" booklets and has introduced so called mailers, consisting of 50 self adhesive stamps on unfolded liner paper. On the same date the sale of carton booklets and stamps from sheets has come to an end. The mailers and the small type self adhesive sheetlets, type Walsall, with 5 or 10 stamps, represent the newest generation of stamp products for the public.

Hangboekje 50 voor het huwelijk
HBz 10: 50 voor het huwelijk (2001, art.nr.216626)
(wedding stamps)

Hangboekje 4 jaargetijden
PB 50: Vier jaargetijden (1998)
(four seasons)

These items not only follow in the footsteps of the traditional stamp booklets, but they also offer a clear impression of the modern Post and therefore the modern philately. For specialists information can also be found on the website about these items of Mr. R. Bakhuizen van den Brink.
Juli 2007 a catalogue appeared Catalogue hook and hang display items on CDrom. In this catalogue of Hugo van Hamel the hang and sell booklets are exhaustive described.

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