Besides the meetings in March, June, September and December, the BULLETIN is the most important means of communication for members. By the end of 2005 almost 130 issues have appeared with an abundance of information. The Bulletin is sent to all members about three weeks previous to one of the meetings.

On average it contains 40 pages (A4 format) with sections dealing with the topics that are listed on this website. Each section focusses on new issues or varieties, background information, experiences of members and tips. Each Bulletin has an auction list with a clear description of the items offered for sale. Members unable to attend the meetings may put their bids by letter or by email. The Bulletin also contains news about POSTAUMAAT itself (board announcements) and members may send in small requests or advertisements to buy, sell or trade items.

Below you will find some articles which have appeared in previous Bulletins. To view these PDF files, you need the Adobe, "Acrobat Reader" program, which can be downloaded for free (see icon below).

Download Acrobat Reader"

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