Automat labels, the Netherlands

Automat labels from Klüssendorf automats

On 22 August 1989 PTT started a pilot with six automats, manufactured by the German firm Klüssendorf. The automat initially produced labels with 14 preset values (in later periods 16 and 15 respectively). It also supplied a receipt on request. A total of 15 automats of type KL-631 (large, standing automats) has been deployed

Klüssendorf automaat, type 631
Introduction KL-631
Bon uit Klüssendorf automaat
Receipt from KL-631
Automaatstrook Nederland, type Klüssendorf
Label with normal black print

Automaatstrook Nederland, type Klüssendorf Rood/zwarte opdruk
Label with red/black print
because of the use of
typewriter ribbon

Apart from the large Klüssendorf automats, a smaller type KL-696 was introduced on 18 March 1991. In total 31 of these automats have been deployed. The main differences with the large automat are: no option for receipts, no return money and a smaller selection of values (10, later 11). The automats lasted 10 years; the last automat was removed on 20 March 2001, some nine months before the introduction of the euro.

Klüssendorf automaat, type 696 Automaatstrook Nederland, processor storing Odd value 1c (processor malfunction). Moreover the perforation is not cut in half, resulting in "closed holes"
FDC Klüssendorf

FDC KL-696 Kerkdriel.
Click on FDC for larger picture.

As a result of consecutive changes of postal fares, the automats have produced a total of 30 different preset values during their lifetime. On the first day of use of almost all new automats special POSTAUMAAT First Day Covers have been produced.

Automat labels from Frama automats

On 21 May 1996 an automat, manufactured by the Swiss firm Frama, was installed in five post offices. The automats printed all values ending on 0 and 5 up to f. 99,95. The value print was black. The philatelic service of PTT in Groningen offered a set of 4 with four values: 10, 70, 80 and 100 cent. In a later stage two more automats have been taken into operation. As PTT deemed the functioning of the Frama automats not to be a success, the automats were gradually removed, the last one in Eindhoven in April 2001.

FRAMA Automaat
Frama automaat FE 1610
Automaatstrook FRAMA
Frama automat FE 1610 Frama label Mi. # 2.
Automaatstrook FRAMA, kopstaande opdruk
Label with upside down print

Automaat labels from Nagler automats

During the pilot stages with the Klüssendorf and Frama automats, PTT decided to run another pilot with automats, manufactured by the German firm Nagler. On 20 March 1997 five automats were installed in PTT Business Points. The Nagler automat has more complex electronics with an integrated scale and tariff module. The label paper is the same as the one used in the Frama automats. The print of the value however is red. All values ending on 0 and 5 up to f. 99,95 can be printed. A receipt is produced on request.
Because of frequent malfunctions of the automats, PTT decided to abolish the pilot, resulting in the last automat in Moerdijk to be removed in September 1999.

Nagler automaat
Replacing roll in Nagler automat
Automaatstrook Nagler
Nagler label Mi. # 2.2
Automaatstrook Nagler, verschoven opdruk
Label with shifted print

Automat labels from Hytech automats

Unannounced a pilot with automats, manufactured by the Australian firm Hytech, was started in August/September 2000. On three locations (Gouda, Meppel and Rosmalen) a total of seven automats was tested. Again the same paper was used as in the Frama and Nagler automats, but this time the print of the value was deep black as a result of the use of a carbon ink ribbon.
An important difference with previous machines is that the Hytech machines were operated by a clerk, therefore they might be considered as postage label machines. The Hytech labels however show no date, they can be used any time anywhere in The Netherlands and they need to be cancelled when sending them on a piece of mail. Therefore they have the characteristics of automat labels.The machine is preprogrammed with 18 standard values. Moreover all values ending on 0 or 5 can be printed. A receipt is produced on request. The pilot ran only 3 months until 2 December 2000.

Hytech automaat
Hytech scale and printer.
Automaatstrook Hytech
Hytech label Mi. # 2.3
Automaatstrook Hytech, rafelig gesneden
Label with 3-digit print

In the first half of 2001 all automats producing automat labels have been taken out of operation. After a short test in June 2001, PTT widely introduced Hytech postage label machines in post offices, service points and business points.
For that subject, please go to the frame: "Postage labels".

Postage labels from Newvision Propost 2000 automats

On 6 November 2006 two automats started operation in a new type of self service post office in Heemstede. The automats produced postage labels on liner paper. For the first time in Holland, the number of the automat was printed on the postage label next to the value. The numbers were PK000001 and PK000002 respectively. Also new were the package labels with barcode. Patrons can follow the delivery route by way of TNT's track&trace system.
In the following years 13 automats have been deployed. The last location (Zeist) was closed down on 18 November 2010.

The automats in Heemstede

First day Heemstede

Package label Heemstede

Receipt first day Heemstede

The following new post offices have been opened and closed:

Den Haag
PK000001 and PK000002
TNT00001 and TNT00002
TNT00003 and TNT00004
PK000003 and PK000004
TNT00005 and TNT00006
PK000006 and PK000007
First Day:
Last Day:
aug. 2009
juli 2009
end 2009

Postage labels from aCon automats

In February 2008 quite unexpectedly automats of the Danish manufacturer aCon have been installed in "Super de Boer" supermarkets in Roosendaal, Breda and Ridderkerk on 19, 20 and 21 February 2008 respectively. On 18 and 19 July 2008 two more aCon automats have been installed in "Kruidvat" drugstores in Hoofddorp and Veenendaal. These automats dispense the same type of automats labels and package labels as the ProPostal 2000 automats, only with a slightly different letter type and a smaller PRIORITY imprint.
After a trial period of almost eight months the automats in Roosendaal, Breda and Ridderkerk have been withdrawn on 9 October 2008.

Automat labels from Gunnebo automats

TNT Post started another pilot with automats of the manufacturer Gunnebo in "Jan Linders" supermarkets in Arnhem, Cuijk and Heerlerheide on 8 March,. 9 April and 30 May 2008 respectively. These automats dispense automat labels, but no package labels.

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