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Coilstamps Netherands
Anniversary coilstamps Postaumaat

At the Postaumaat meeting of 21st Septmeber 2013 2 different personal coilsstamps were issued on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the association.
Members can order these stamps as long as the stock lasts, with Martin Wolff of Nieuwtjesdienst 2.
The stamps costs € 0,80 a piece. On top of it you'll have to pay the sending costs

You can place your order by emailing to Martin Wolff. You also can order by telephone call at 0031-20-6228424

Booklets Netherlands
Anniversary booklet Postaumaat.

On the same date - 21st Septmeber - also issued the booklet "8 for Postaumaat". A PQ booklet also mentioned in the NVPH catalogue "personal stamps".
The booklet is issued by PostNL and so alsa available at the Collect Club of PostNL. But Nieuwtjesdienst 1 ( a supscription is possible for every desired country) is also your contact in ordering this booklet

Anniversary comes closer

Anniversary meeting on the 14th december 2013 in Rotterdam

Presentation "Everything about personal stamps" by Arjan Jochems,
Personal stamp printer with Els Schouten, PostNL. Yhe oppertunity to make your own personal stamp at the spot.
A free sheet of 3 anniversary stamps for every member present
A Big Anniversary auction
A lottery with incredible prices
A free consumption for each member

Postaumaatstamp launched!

It will also be in the bulletins this year, but also on this site, we'd like you to know we are now in a memorable year: forty years ago Postaumaat came to life. Then - in 1973 - stil called Contact Group of booklets and coil stamps. We are somewhat thinned and not all from the very beginning are still with us, but we want to do something to give this magnificent jubilee some attention.
First with a sheet of ten personalized stamps already appeared on 24 January. During the fair in Loosdrecht there was quite some attention for it.
The stamp in the sheet is design by our "house designer" Nicolien van der Keur. It has become a colorful stamp. Especially book collectors will find recognizable items in it. Nowadays motive collection is hot, hence some popular motifs are incorporated also to be found in existing booklets. With the old Dutch booklet (number 16 of 1925) there is no mistake about the collection area.

For members - as long as in stock - the sheet is available at cost price at Nieuwtjesdienst 1. Payments of € 7.50 can be made at ABN-AMRO in the name of Postzegelvereniging Postaumaat Nieuwtjesdienst 1. Non members will have to pay € 8.50 (first ask for sending costs !)

Sheet of 3 and booklet
Later this year - the celebration of the anniversery will take place at the september meeting - there will come a sheet with three stamps and a booklet. Our good contacts with PostNL will ensure the issues are provided by them. The stamps will also be available at the Collect Club of PostNL. More info will follow.

Contest result

Result of the contest on page 4 of Bulletin 158 (February 2013).
It's wasn't an easy solution, almost every contributer aimed on the butterfly ( Small Tortoiseshell ), as seen on a Belgium booklet, published on page 11 of Buletin 158. But unfortunatly, Small Tortoiseshells are in shown many variaties and this Belgium one wasn't the same as the Postaumaat Anniversary stamp.
The solution was far away from home, to be precise, on the island Kiribatie in Micronesia (Pacific Ocean) a lot more eastwards as Papua New Guinea. In 1987 a booklet was published with on th ecover..... the same flying seagulls as now shown on the Postaumaat anniversary booklet.
The result is, none of the contributers gave the good answer. The administration descided to allot the Kiribati booklet among the contributers. . At the Postaumaat meeting of 16 March 2013 we made notes with their names, Walter de Rooij pulled out a lucky one; Jan Oosterboer. Congratulations.


Booklet Netherlands
Booklet 45.

Booklets Netherlands.
Booklets Netherlands 2013

PR = prestige booklet
PP = prestige booklet with personal stamps
PQ = booklet with personal stamps


PR 44
PR 45
PR 46
PR 47
PR 48
PR 49

PP 33

PQ 7

25 February
22 April
21 May
17 June
09 September
19 October

?? August

21 September

Burgers Zoo 100 jaar
Europapostzegels: Postvoertuigen
Mooi Nederland 2013 (Streekdrachten)
De Dag van de Molenaar
100 jaar Vredespaleis
Dag van de Postzegel

Erasmus universiteit 100 jaar

8 voor Postaumaat (1973-2013)




10x1 (54c)
  6x1 (90c)
10x1 (54c)
  9x1 (54c)
10x1 (60c)
10x1 (60c)

  9x1 (54c)

  8x1 (60c)

PR44 "Burgers Zoo 100 Jaar "

PR45 "Europapostzegels: Postvoertuigen"

PR46 "Mooi Nederland 2013 "

PR47 "De dag van de molenaar"

PR48 "100 jaar vredespaleis"

PR49 "Dag van de Postzegel"

PP33 "Erasmus Universiteit 100 jaar"

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