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The members of the POSTAUMAAT Stamp Club collect stamps, booklets, automat stamps and postage labels from The Netherlands and the rest of the world. Look for more information on the homepage of Postaumaat

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Booklets Netherlands.
8 voor jezelf.

Automat labels Netherlands.
Last automat out of service.

It's over and done with the automat labels in the Netherlands. Last Thursday 18th Nov 2010 was the last day of the last automats in Zeist. On the enclosed envelope is this not-so-joyful event beautifully documented with a label of € 0,22 from the PK000006 automat and one of € 0,22 from the PK000007 automat. And on this last day a great peculiarity occured. This all happened to late for publishing it in Bulletin 149. Which was delivered two days ago at the member.

If you desire to witness this lat day, watch for the next Bulletin 150 (Febr, 2011). Non members can assure themself of this and additional information by becomming a member of POSTAUMAAT Go to the homepage to the INFO section and from there to MEMBERSHIP.

Contribution 2011

On the meeting of 18th Sept 2010 is agreed to increase the contribution from € 20,00 to € 25,00 a year (abroad from € 25,00 to € 35,00).
See also page 2 of Bulletin 148 (August 2010).

You won't receive a giro. Please transfer the contribution on bankaccount of Pzv. Postaumaat Contributie Tilburg. See also the explanation on page 3 of Bulletin 148.

Enclosed an article about Bulletin 147 in the monthly magazine Filatelie of Sept 2010.

Coil stamps Netherlands.
Coil stamps material wanted for the auctions

There is a great need for good lots for the next auctions!

Postzegels Nederland.
Nieuwe waardeaanduiding voor postzegels

Henceforth the stamps wil get a figure

The Hague - 24th June 2010 - TNT Post introduces stamps with a new value from the 1st of July. Stamps for letters or postcards untill 20 grams wil get a number 1. Depending on the destination on the stamp is mentioned Nederland, Europa or Wereld. For shipments from 20 to 50 grams it will read 2. Postage with the new stamps becomes easier. The stamps with the new value wil stay valid, so adding stamps isn't needed anymore. Stamps with the old value in Euro or Guilders wil tay valid.

The whole world in figures
For mailing within the Netherlands havier as 20 grams a combination of stamps can be used. For mailing to abroad combinations can be made with stamps mentioning Europa or Wereld, depending on the destination. The beneficial Decemberstamps wil get the designation "December".

For sale from July 1st
The new stamps wil be gradualy introduced from July 1st. They are for sale at one of the 2.250 postoffices of TNT Post or at one of the 7.000 stamps sellingpoints or online at

Long design tradition
TNT POst has a long and special tradition of stamp designs. Besides the stamps with a picture of Queen Beatrix, also a yearcollection is issued. These stamps features a special theme or design. Also these stamps wil get a value in a figure.

About TNT Post
TNT Post processes 15 million postal items (including 400,000 parcels) with more than 7.6 million addresses in the Netherlands. The company is broadening its horizons internationally through acquisitions in Europe and Asia. Of growing importance are services that electronic data into physical mail. TNT Post is primarily active in the field of post: collection, sorting, transporting and delivering letters and parcels. The company also specializes in data and document services, direct mail, e-commerce and international mail. TNT Post employs some 58,000 people in the Netherlands. Sales of TNT Post in the first half of 2010 amounted to 2,060 million euros. TNT Post is part of TNT NV TNT recognizes its social responsibility and has formed partnerships with the World Food Programme and the Environment of the United Nations against global hunger and pollution fighting.

Enclosed a stamp with the new value.

Beatrix 1


Booklets Netherlands.
New Booklets Netherlands 2010

PR = prestige booklet (new emission)
PP = prestige booklet with personal stamps
PQ = booklet with personal stamps


PR 28
PR 29
PR 30
PR 31
PR 32

PP 23
PP 24
PP 25
PP 26
PP 27

PQ 4
PQ 5
PQ 6

9 February
22 June
17 August
15 October
23 Novemb

22 April
11 May
1 July
1 July
11 July

6 March
6 March
6 March

100 jaar Rijksoctrooiwet
Mooi Nederland
Lang leve het bos
Dag van de Postzegel

Toon Hermans
Wereldkampioenschap voetbal
Nederlandse wielersuccessen 1960-1985
Nederlandse wielersuccessen 1985-2010
F.C. Twente, 1965-2010

Charles Burki, orange
Charles Burki, blue
Charles Burki, red







PR28 "100 jaar Rijksoctrooiwet"

PR29 "Mooi Nederland 2010"

PR30 "Lange leve het bos!"

PR31 "Dag van de Postzegel"

PR32 "Decemberzegels"

PP23 "Toon Hermans"

PP24 "Wereldkampioenschap voetbal"

PP25 "Nederlandse wielersuccessen 1960-1985"

PP26 "Nederlandse wielersuccessen 1985-2010

PP27 "F.C. Twente, 1965-2010"

PQ4 Charles Burki "oranje"

PQ5 Charles Burki "blauw"

PQ6 Charles Burki "rood"

Booklets Netherlands.
Three new booklets

Charles Burki
TNT Post can be superfast. Three for August / September booklets planned already appeared on March 6! An exhibition of drawings by Charles Burki in the Museon of The Hague is month earlier and opens on March 6. Charles Burki (1909-1994) was a Dutch artist, painter and designer, especially motorcycles. During his imprisonment in a Japanese camp in Nagasaki, he made many drawings and it's like a miracle He and his drawings survived the atomic bomb. The booklets provide more information about this period.
The books are of the type developed by Postaumaat '8 for ...'. They now also contain eight stamps of 44c and are available from the Collect Club in Museon at the nominal value of € 3.52. The part numbers are 700064 (orange), 700 064 (blue) and 700065 (red).
Ex-Minister Ben Bot, who was also in a Japanese camp, received the first copy.

PQ 4 Charles Burki (concept!)

PQ 4 stamps (concept!)

PQ 5 Charles Burki (concept!)

PQ 5 stamps (concept!)

PQ 6 Charles Burki (concept!)

PQ 6 stamps (concept!)

PDF of booklet PQ4 (Concept!)
PDF of booklet PQ5 (Concept!)
PDF of booklet PQ6 (Concept!)

Booklets Netherlands.
Soccerbooklet with 1/5 lottery ticket

The booklet appears on the 11th of May, exactly one month before the soccergames begin in South Africa. TNT provides, together with the KNVB and the State Lottery, a starter at this Soccer World Cup. The book describes and illustrates how the Netherlands has moved through the preliminaries. The schedule of the orange team is also included. And on the nine 44-cent stamps the faces of Bert van Marwijk and his stars.
Also this one will cost € 9.95. Special is that the book contains a code to obtain a fifth lottery ticket. The circulation is 125,000 books. A unusually high number of this type of booklets.

In Hoenderloo on the 13th of May the first booklet was presented to Giovanni van Bronckhorst and André Ooijer.

PP24 Wereldkampioenschap voetbal

PP24 Stampsheet 1

PP24 Stampsheet 2

PP24 Stampsheet 3

The full booklet design in PDF format.

Automat labels Netherlands.
End of Wincor Nixdorf

Today March 1st 2010 appeared in the TNT postal store in The Hague on both machines a laminated A4 with the Text: We will help you at the desk. When asked, the employee reported the machines were turned off permanently that morning and that they will be removed. There are no known last day strips and coupons. As previously reported, also the vending machines in Nijmegen and Rotterdam will soon be dismanteled.
The post office in Dordrecht is May 13th, 2010 closed. PK000005 machine is already out of service and will not be repaired according to the administrator.
Remains the two machines at the post office at Zeist. That office will closed permanently in 2011 . It is not known whether the machines will remain in operation until the closure .

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