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The members of the POSTAUMAAT Stamp Club collect stamps, booklets, automat stamps and postage labels from The Netherlands and the rest of the world. Look for more information on the homepage of Postaumaat

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and get this unique sheet of 10 Postaumaat stamps with the Christmas rate of € 0,34 free of charge.

( On the 15th of january this offer ended )

The Postaumaat Stamp Club has issued this special 10 stamps sheetlet with the domestic Christmas rate of € 0,34.
If you register as a new member now, you will receive such a sheetlet free of charge after reception of the annual membership fee of € 25,- (outside The Netherlands).
Go to "Info" and click on "Membership". The membership form is self guiding.

Namens het bestuur,
H.A. Wolf, secretaris

Automat labels Netherlands.
Postoffice Apeldoorn closed

On the 8th october 2009, the TNT-postoffice at the Staionstraat in Apeldoorn is closed (see brochure). With this the use of the automats PK000003 and PK000004 has stopped. The last day of use could not be recorded, since both automats became out of use on the 6th of october because of a malfunction, were emptied and closed. Op 8 oktober 2009 is het TNT-Postkantoor aan de Stationsstraat in Apeldoorn dicht gegaan (zie brochure).
The question is: Who has labels with reciepts of the 6th or before from these Apeldoorn automats. Please send a scan to to publish it in the next Bulletin.

Booklets the Netherlands.
New booklets in 2009

PR = prestigebooklet (new edition)
PP = prestigebooklet with personal stamps
PQ = booklet with personal stamps


PR 23
PR 24
PR 25
PR 26
PR 27

PP 18
PP 19
PP 20
PP 21
PP 22

PQ 3

10 january
28 april
16 june
01 october
16 october

7 january
10 april
19 june
13 july
23 september

29 may

Lees mee (Braille)
Drie generaties koninginnen
Mooi Nederland
100 Jaar luchtvaart in Nederland
Postex (9x44c Oranje 10 gulden nr 80)

Nederland schaatsland
ESA-boekje (European Space Agency)
Hermitage Amsterdam
André Rieu
Andre Hazes

8 voor Aad







Data with reservation.

PR23 "Lees Mee"

PR24 "Drie generaties koninginnen"

PR25 "Mooi Nederland"

PR26 "100 jaar Luchtvaart in Nederland"

PP27 "Postex"

PP18 "Nederland Schaatsland"

PP19 "ESA"

PP20 "Hermitage"

PP21 André Rieu

PP22 Andre Hazes

PQ3 "8 voor Aad"

Pilot with new postage label machines.

On or around 29 June 2009 new postage label machines have been installed in ten small stores in the province of South-Holland. They dispense postage labels as pictured below. It concerns a test period of three months. Look for addresses under "Collecting" and click there to "Postage labels".

Automat labels the Netherlands.
Gunnebo-automats removed.

On 1 July 2009 the Gunnebo automats in the Jan Leenders supermarkets in Arnhem, Cuijk and Heerlerheide have been removed. Presently only Wincor Nixdorf ProPostal 2000 automats are in operation. See the map of The Netherlands showing the remaining locations.

Booklets the Netherlands.
Hermitage Amsterdam

The twentieth prestige booklet with personal stamps, Hermitage Amsterdam, was also the cheapest. That is, if you participated in the BankGiro Lottery. The normal cost of a prestige booklet is € 9.95. By participating in this Culture lottery you received a free booklet with lot of € 8.00. For that you benefit you should cancel as fast as you can. Unless you have cultural and historical heritage in the Netherlands in your heart.
Anyway, the book was not available at the Collect Club. Not quite nice for the collector that doesn't appreciate such a link, nor to the stamp trade and even less for foreign collectors. The only place in Netherlands where the booklet could (can) be bought for the normal price is the museum shop of the Hermitage. Presumably it is also now.
The booklet appeared on June 19 on the occasion of the opening of the Hermitage Amsterdam. Previously elderly home Amstelhof in a few years transformed into a major branch of the Hermitage in St Petersburg.
The book contains nine stamps from 44 cents plus information and illustrations relating to the opening exhibition at the Russian Court. The circulation is 16,000 booklets.

Booklets the Netherlands.
Three generations queens

Of course, - in addition to the other important people - your honorary Paul Portheine and Walter de Rooij were present there. They learned from the mouth of designer Julia Born how she jugled with the three existing queen stamps and the various techniques (intaglio printing and offset). The block is the same as the same day appeared prestige booklet P24. Actually, a cheap book because the surcharge is "only" € 2.95. The size of the single block and the block in the book is different.

Paul and Walter in 't Loo

Automat labels the Netherlands
Post Office Heemstede closed

The Heemstede post office has been closed down completely as of 2 April 2009. Thus the operation of the ProPostal automats PK000001 and PK000002 has been terminated. More information will be published in Bulletin 143.

Automat labels the Netherlands
aCon automats removed

On 30 March 2009 the aCon automats in the Kruidvat stores in Hoofddorp and Veenendaal have been removed. After previous removals of such automats in the Super de Boer supermarkets in Breda, Ridderkerk and Roosendaal, no aCon automats are in operation anymore.

Booklets the Netherlands.
New booklet '8 VOOR AAD'

The new stamp booklet is an initiative of your members Paul Portheine and Walter de Rooij. The booklet is in the greatest secrecy prepared with the assistance of Arjan Jochems (TNT Post), Noor Krikhaar (Aads muse) and design Birzadesign. It was for Aad a complete surprise when he got his own booklet during an informal farewell meeting in the Weesper Automaten Kabinet on Friday, May 29
The new booklet is now available for the nominal value of the stamps (so eight times 44c) and in the same manner produced as our Postaumaatboekje. That means that Joh. Enschedé sheets of ten stamps printed with "Nederland" and'44 cents', and Lijnco in Groningen printed the variable part. Rekafa Special Products in Venlo printed and cut the cartons, after which the sheets were glued in the cartons. The lower stamppair and the left and right margins were removed and the sheet was in glued in the carton with the upper margin.
The print run is 5000 units, so they will be sold out soon. The Postaumaatboekjes - with a print run of 2500 pieces each - were sold out within a few days.
I have previously proposed for these books named PQ to use. In the meantime the serie is as follows:

PQ1 01-12-2008, 8 voor Postaumaat, bleu carton
PQ2 01-12-2008, 8 voor Postaumaat, red carton
PQ3 29-05-2009, 8 voor Aad.

The earlier supposed numbering PQ1 a/b for the Postaumaat booklets isn't used anymore.
Members of Postaumaat can order the booklets at the newsservice. Look at the May number of the bulletin for more details. You can also get the booklet at the Collect Club of TNT Post. The article number is 699142.

After a speech the booklet was presented to Aad Knikman by Walter the Rooij. Foto: Studio Kastermans, Hilversum

Booklets the Netherlands
Creditcard stamps

On the 1st of April, TNT post brought a new product on the market: a card with five 44-cents stapms. The card has the well known creditcard size and fits perfectly in the wallets creditcard slots. Quit usefull such a card.
It's not an unique idea. The Swedish firm Postline made them in the mid nineties for countries such as North Korea, (Croatian) Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kiribati, Tanzania and Bhutan.They called them stampcard. Surprisingly you could buy them directly from this firm. The five stamps in the Dutch stampcard are from the serie "Denk groen, doe groen". It's a pilot.
They are meant for sale in shops. The test of the begin of this month takes only place in the shops of Bruna and AKO. A second stampcard later this year -september?- will contain other stamps

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