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The members of the POSTAUMAAT Stamp Club collect stamps, booklets, automat stamps and postage labels from The Netherlands and the rest of the world. Look for more information on the homepage of Postaumaat

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Booklets Netherlands.

After the Collect Club TNT Post was sold out before December 1st, also Postaumaat was sold out on the meeting of decmeber the 13th There was enough for everybody present at the meeting, because at first a maximum 2 sets could be bought. Later in the day - when everyone had their set - the members were allowed to buy bigger amounts. Together with the approximately 250 pre-orders that ensured that all 750 purchased by Postaumaat were sold. Reorders at the news service can not be honored.

Booklets Netherlands.
Booklets Netherlands 2008

PR = prestigebooklet (new release)
PP = prestigebooklet with personal stamps
PQ = booklet with personal stamps


PR 19
PR 20
PR 21
PR 22

PP 10
  PP 10a
  PP 10b
  PP 10ba
PP 11
PP 12
PP 13
PP 14
PP 15
PP 16
PP 17

PQ 1
PQ 2

18 march
12 june
8 july
1 october

2 january
6 february
18 march
1 april
14 april
21 april
12 june
9 december

1 december
1 december

Passie voor Postzegels
Mooi Nederland 2008
Grenzenloos Nederland
100 Jaar Mycologische Vereniging

Booklet without wire (let content easily)
Booklet with a green tacking cotton
Booklet with incomplete content
Herman van Veen
100 Jaar Feyenoord
Disney boekje: 101 Dalmatiërs
Free in a DVD of € 19.95
Jump (Ned. Hartstichting)
Frans Bauer
Majoor Bosshardt
Musical Joseph

Postaumaat 35 year, blue cover
Postaumaat 35 year, red cover







Wibi Soerjadi receives 26 march at Zeist the first booklet
PP 13 in presence of Cruella de Vil and
many press (among them the Postaumaat-representatives
Paul Portheine and Walter de Rooij).

PP13 "101 Dalmatiërs"

PP14 "Jump (Nederlandse Harstichting)"

PP15 "Frans Bauer"

PR19 "Passie voor postzegels"

PP16 "Majoor Bosschardt"

PR21 "Grenzenloos Nederland"

PR22 "100 jaar Mycologische Vereniging"

PP17 "Musical Joseph"

Booklets Netherlands.
The Postaumaatbooklets

Booklets Netherlands.
Release Postaumaatbooklets on the 1st December

As known, Postaumaat is celebrating it's 35th anniversery. It's celebrated in several ways. The december bulletin will be in full collor, is the december meeting (saturday 13th december, in the Rustenburcht, Strevelsweg, near Zuidplein in Rotterdam) a special day with a spectaculair lottery, a beautifull auction and ... On the 1st of December 2 special POSTAUMAAT BOOKLETS will be presented.

The idea for an own stamp booklet is conceived, developed and supported by the two honorary members of Postaumaat Paul Portheine and Walter de Rooij. Both stamps were designed by a cover designer Nicolien van der Keur. The execution took place in joint cooperation with TNT Post, Rekafa Special Products and Joh. Enschedé.

Both contents are equal: 8 Postaumaatstamps of 44c. They are available for the more than attractive price € 3.52. So for rated! Book 1 has a blue and 2 red cover. The first Dutch machine booklets had also a blue and red cover. The booklets are available at the Club Collect of TNT Post in Groningen. The circulation is very limited: each booklet, 2500 copies made The booklets are also available at the December meeting. Do you long to join, come to this festive event.

Booklets Netherlands.
Booklet 83c also excists!

Almost a year after it's release it appears booklet 83 excists in not 2 but 3 text versions! The difference between booklet 83b (smoked sausage booklet with on the reverse side the text 'Altijd postzegels in huis?') is especially the orange text on the inner cover. In 83b it counts 3 rows (Halfjaarlijks ontvangt u…) and 83c four (Elke winter en zomer…).
It's understandable why there came a new version. When booklet 83b appeared the mentioned texts in orange was almost (end of june 2007) passed.

Text bottom inner cover booklet 83b

Text bottom inner cover booklet 83c

Automat labels the Netherlands
New aCon automat in Hoofddorp and Veenendaal

Two new aCon automats have been added to the three already in operation. On 18 July 2008 automat TNT00102 was put into operation in the Kruidvat store in Hoofddorp. It concerns the Test machine, which had been in use for some time at TNT headquarters in The Hague. Erroneously that address in The Hague had not been changed on the receipts. Moreover the package labels had the wrong brown TNT Post-logo instead of the orange. On the same day automat TNT00104 started in the Kruidvat store in Veenendaal.


  First day 18-07-08 Hoofddorp

  Brown logo 18-07-08

  Orange logo 21-07-08

On 21 July 2008 it turned out that the package labels with the brown logo had been replaced by a roll with the orange logo. Moreover de address on the receipts had been corrected.

Automat labels the Netherlands.
ProPostal-2000 automats Rotterdam replaced

On 15 July 2008 both ProPostal 2000-automats in Rotterdam (TNT00003 and TNT00004) have been removed and have been replaced by new versions of the ProPostal 2000, just like the ones in The Hague. The distance between the value and the automat number on the labels now is wide. Labels can be acquired starting at € 0,01. On the package labels the automat numbers now are preceded by the letters TNT. Surprisingly the date on the package labels was wrong (14-08-08), but it was reprogrammed on the spot (15-07-08). Other peculiarities from the first day will be reported in Bulletin 140.

Old print Date 14-08-08

New print Date 15-07-08

Automat labels The Netherlands
Lokation of automats in The Netherlands

(download the map in a Word document)

Automaatstroken Nederland.
Two new ProPostal 2000 automats in Zeist

On 16 May 2008 two new ProPostal 2000 automats have been installed in the new post office in Zeist. It concerns the automat numbers PK000006 and PK000007. This event could not be described in Bulletin 139, which will appear on 24 May 2008. In Bulletin 140 (August 2008) several peculiarities will be pointed out.

Automat labels the Netherlands
Renovated main post office in The Hague

On 25 April 2008 the renovated main post office in The Hague was reopened. Two ProPostal 2000 automats of a new version have been placed there. It concerns TNT00005 and TNT00006. Much praize goes to TNT Post and the technicians of Wincor Nixdorf for having put the automats in operation just one day before the deadline of the editor of Postaumaat Bulletin 139. The various details will be described and pictured extensively in that issue.

Automatlabels Netherlands.
Again new automats for ATM

Rather unexpected, TNT has introduced a new pilot with automats for postage labels in three stores of the supermarket chain "Jan Linders". These automats are manufactures by Gunnebo and they offer a restricted assortment. The ATM are the same as used in the ProPostal 2000 and aCon automats. The automat number is entirely different (WL003965). The automats only produce strips: 10 x 0,05 and 10 x 0,44, as well as 5 x 0,75, 5 x 0,88 and 5 x 0,92. It concerns the following stores:

Hoefbladlaan 27, 6841 CC ARNHEM (18 March 2008)
Grotestraat 99, 5431 DJ CUIJK (9 April 2008)
Ganzeweide 74, 6413 GH HEERLERHEIDE (not yet known)

Further information will be published in Bulletin 139 (May 2008).

Automat labels the Netherlands.
The new aCon dispenser automats

TNT-Post has started a test of new aCon dispenser automats for automat labels and package labels in several stores of the "Super de Boer "chain. In the automats the same kind of postage and package labels is used as in the ProPostal 2000 automats. Three automats have been installed, namely TNT00103 in Roosendaal-Van Beethovenlaan (19 FEB 2008), TNT00100 in Breda-Donk (20 FEB 2008) and TNT00101 in Ridderkerk-Dillenburgplein (21 FEB 2008). If one orders a quantity of postage labels of the same value, the automat doesn't produce them separately, but in strips of five labels. This is only one of the peculiarities in which the aCon automats differ from the ProPostal 2000 automats. In Bulletin 139 an extensive report will be published.

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