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The members of the POSTAUMAAT Stamp Club collect stamps, booklets, automat stamps and postage labels from The Netherlands and the rest of the world. Look for more information on the homepage of Postaumaat

News published earlier this year is mentioned here below.
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Automat labels the Netherlands.
New rates and colorful end markings

Colorful end markings dated 2 January 2008 in Rotterdam mark the beginning of 2008, as well as the new rates 0,75 (Europe) and 0,92 (Rest of the World). The domestic rate 0,44 has not changed.

Domestic rate
Europe rate
Rest of the World rate

Automat labels the Netherlands
One year ProPostal 2000 automat

We would almost forget it, but the ProPostal 2000 automats were on the 6th of november one year in use. From the beginning there are new developments and details mentioned in every Bulletin, reason enough to mark this birthday with a special envelope.

Automat labels the Netherlands
New in Papendrecht

On 9 November 2007 a new post office was opened in the town of Papendrecht, east of Rotterdam. One ProPostal 2000 ATM automat is installed with number PK000005. This number is printed on the automat labels as well as on the package labels. On the receipts the street name was incorrect. Westersingel should be Weteringsingel, just like the text on the stamp. Moreover the office hours were incorrect.
As of 15 November 2007 the automat printed the correct texts on the receipts.

Wrong text on receipt

Correct text on receipt

Hang and Sell Booklets the Netherlands.
Catalogue hook and hang display items on CD

The catalogue deals with hook and hang display items issued by PTT Post, TPG Post or TNT Post, which contain postage stamps, service stamps, parcelstamps or postal stationery only. The catalogue is updated up to and including June 2007.

CD-menus are written in HTML 4.0 Strict. The catalogue menu files can be viewed either in HTML (sometimes in PDF only) or in PDF (sometimes accessed in HTML) when indicated by [PDF].

The CD is self-running (may take a while) and needs no installation. It will run on all standard Windows-based ('98 or higher) PCs. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

Hugo van Hamel.
Price: 17,75 excl.; sendingcosts to be determined.

Automat labels the Netherlands
New in Apeldoorn

On 25 September 2007, the same new program as in Heemstede has been installed in Apeldoorn in automats PK000003 and PK000004. In Heemstede it was possible to acquire additional values even before the new release, but in Apeldoorn the new program makes this possible as of 25 September 2007. The print on the ATM and the package labels have changed, as well as the text and letter type on the receipts. Further details will be presented in POSTAUMAAT-Bulletin 137 of November 2007.

Old print (above)  

New print (below)

Automat labels the Netherlands
New in Heemstede

After a test run of about four weeks in automat PK000002 in Heemstede, a completely new program has been installed in automat PK000001 on 18 September 2007. The same program was continued in automat PK000002.
This new program enables to buy different products in one transaction. Each product is shown on the receipt. The text and the letter type on the receipts have also changed.
Moreover there is a significant change in the print on the ATM: the value is printed a bit more to the left: see picture. There are eight more differences to be identified in the program. They will be described in the POSTAUMAAT Bulletin of November 2007.

Above old print, below the new.

Automat label machines Netherlands
PK000001 Heemstede in service again

On the 30th of june 2007 is noticed the label machine PK000001 of Heemstede is in service again. According to employes it is since half of June. There are at least three remarkable changes in the program, that wil be discribed and represented in Bulletin 136.

PK000001 reciept with endmarks

PK000001 Heemstede

Coilstamps the Netherlands.
Hofleverancier DM-stamps

TNT finally adjusted their DM-stamps. The 'animal picture' set of TPG is now replaced by 5 different 'Hofleverancier'- stamps. The different hofleverancier coat-of-arms are presented in five basic colors. The stamps are self-adhesive and the liner paper has no backside numbers. Collect Groningen offers only 5-strips, our new issue service offers also longer strips.

Automat label machines Netherlands
Selfservice postoffice in Apeldoorn

On June the 21st 2007 the renewed postoffice in Apeldoorn, Stationsstraat 178, will be opened. It's again a selfservice postoffice, with extended service possibilities. Undoubtably equiped with two Pro Post 2000 automats, for pulling automat labels (with reciept)

Postage label machines Netherlands
New Bussinespoint postage labelmachines

Hens Wolf took his bike and drove around to gather new information about the Bussinespoint postage label machines. Most new BP's are stationed at the new office centres. The overviewlist of all Bussinespoints postage label machines is up to date untill Juni 2007 If you have additional info or corrections, please email to Hens Wolf.

Den Bosch
Den Bosch
Konijnenberg 99
Voorerf 77-4400
Geerke 6
Rietvelderweg 60
Hanzeweg 26
Londenstraat 9A
Velperengh 4
Calandstraat 7
Marowijne 45
Fagotwg 6
Bedrijvenweg 32
Weena 296-298
Dokweg 21
De Oude Veiling 24
4825 BC
4824 GM

5222 AS
7418 AT

3941 BZ
3316 EA
1689 AR
4337 SC
7442 CW
3012 NJ
1976 CA

BP 113622
BP 110343 closed 03-05-2007
                     closed 10-05-2007
BP 113626
BP 113628
                     closed 24-05-2007
BP 113786
BP 113630
BP 113636
BP 113638
BP 113368
BP 113767
BP 113861
                     closed 30-05-2007

Booklets of the Netherlands.
TNT Post presents booklets of the soccer clubs PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord

20 April 2007 - TNT posts will present special booklets about the three largest soccer clubs of the Netherlands: Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV. These personal booklets form a new concept of TNT post. With these soccer booklets TNT post aims on the faithful soccer fans, who collect all kinds of information and products on their favorite club. The booklets are officially available to public on the first of may, but on the 26th April, TNT posts offers the first booklets to the legendary old players of the three clubs: Willy van der Kuylen from PSV, Dick Schoenaker from AJAX and Theo van Duivenbode from Feyenoord. They will receive the first club booklets in the KNVB-hotel at Zeist. The booklets contain 9 personalized postage stamps with 3 different images and among others the logo of the club. Also the booklets contain many facts and nice to know things concerning the club and its history.

The clubbooklets and the stamps with the club logo

Postage labels, the Netherlands.
News about the postshop at Heemstede.

Automat PK00002 has (almost permanent) been out of service since January the 4th. Also Automat PK00001 has been out of service for a while, namely from the 27th of February 2007. But, on the 2nd of April 2007 the automat PK00002 came in service again, and the following adjustments were made:

Change in receipt text:
  1. postkantoor isn't mentioned at the left topside, but now in the middle top side;
  2. The closing time on Saturday was 14:00 and is 13.30 now.
      (just like the receipts at the first day, 06-11-2006);
  3. the ö-sign is removed;

Change in the parcel labels:
  4. On the receipt after the barcode number is a space added:
  5. The text “Vervoer door TNT Post” etc. is now centered;
  6. On the parcel label are the letter PK placed before the automat number;
  7. There are 5 zero's on the parcel label instead of four.
      The automat prints PK000002 on the parcel label.

It's still impossible to get the value "rest of the world" (0,89). Also the option to get additional values is not possible. But you can still pay with coins and chip- or pin card.
It's still not known when automat PK00001 will be in service again.

Heemstede: These pictures are made by Leo de Kaper. Take a look at his website with a lott of info about these postage labels. (in Dutch)

Postage labels the Netherlands
Wincor stations in Rotterdam.

A Postshop will be opened at the Weena 296-8 in Rotterdam on Friday the 30th of March. From 14:00 the stamp collectors are welcome. Saturday etc. the postshop will probably be opened for the normal public.
There are 2 Wincor-stations for postage labels: TNT 3 en TNT 4.

Rolzegels Nederland.
TNT-waterlelie-stamps number type L9 (5)

In Bulletin 134 is written about the TNT-postage-paid-stamps type 'Lelie' with numbers L9(4) [5000-roll] and L9(5) [10000-roll] and the TNT-postage-paid-stamps type 'Waterlelie' with numbers L9(4) [5000-roll]. By mail-order we got hold of a 10000-roll off the TNT-waterlelie-stamps. They have the numbers type L9(5).
Mr. Delfos will send the stamps to the subscribed collectors.

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