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The members of the POSTAUMAAT Stamp Club collect stamps, booklets, automat stamps and postage labels from The Netherlands and the rest of the world. Look for more information on the homepage of Postaumaat

Bulletin 131 appeared on the 19th of may 2006.
Bulletin 132 appeared on the 25th of august 2006.
Bulletin 133 appeared on the 24th of november 2006.
Bulletin 134 appeared on the 1st of march 2007.
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Coilstamps the Netherlands.
New "Zakelijke zegels" of TNT post.

Anticipating on tariff increases in January 2007, on December 16th new 'products' of TNT post will appear. Two of these products are: self-adhesive "zakelijke zegels" of 44 Eurocents in roles of 200 pieces and self-adhesive "zakelijke zegels" of 88 Euro cents in roles of 100 pieces. They will appear on December 11th. They'll also appear, cheaper to fabricate, in sheets of 100.

Postage labels
International Postage Meter Stamp Catalog.

As from 27 October 2006 The international Postage meter stamp Catalog has come available for members of the association Postaumaat. The English catalogue has the format of a thick tel. book. It contains 1216 pages and 6500 images of postage labels of all countries of the world. Members wanting to view the catalogue or borrow it, can get in touch with the secretary. Hens Wolf


Automat labels the Netherlands
First automat labels in Heemstede.

On 6 November 2006 the first location of a new type of POST SHOP was opened by TNT POST in the town of Heemstede, a little south of Haarlem. Two new identical automats, manufactured by the firm Wincor Nixdorf, produce a new kind of automat labels The automats print the value and the number PK000002 on the labels, but no date. On labels for foreign destinations, the text PRIORITY can be printed on the blank strip to the left.
The automats also produce labels with the barcode for the destination for packages within The Netherlands. On these labels a date is printed on the left hand upper corner. The automats accept eurocoins and bills up to 20 euro's and they return the change. It is also possible to use a debet card or a credit card. With each sale the automat delivers a receipt. The latest information is that a second POST SHOP will be opened on 10 November 2006 in the city of Nijmegen, close to the border with Germany. The labels from this location will show the number PK000001. The Shop will be open to collectors as of 14.00 hours. Regular patrons can use the new location starting 11 November 2006. A detailed report about the new automats and the experiences on the first day of use will appear shortly in Postaumaat Bulletin 133.

Heemstede automatlabel Heemstede priority label

Heemstede package label

Postage label the Netherlands
From 14-08-06 a new basevalue €1,12 at the postoffices

Surprisingly is the announcement of TPG postoffice, from Monday the 14th August 2006 the lowest value you can get from a Postage label machine is 1,12. The last day of the normal values 0,39 and 0,78 is Saturday the 12th of August. This is also for the low (additional)values 0,02 - 0,05 - 0,10 etc.
Warning!: this accounts only for the postoffices (recognicable by PK in front of the number on the left hand topside). It all looks like that values below 1,12 will be common at the TPG-servicepoints (SP) and the TPG-businesspoints (BP)

Postoffice visits on the 14th, 15th and 16th proved the programs of the Postage label machines weren't adjusted to the new bottom value of €1,12. Low values were still available. Postoffice employees got instructions to sell stamps instead of postage labels below that value. It now appeares to be to introduce the adjustments region by region in the postage label machines. Which can take a little while. At this moment it is not yet known what the last date will be of the values below €1,12.

See also this announcement.(Dutch)

Booklets the Netherlands
New text booklet "10 voor Nederland"

The booklet with the 10 different stamps, which appeared on the 2nd of January, got on the 12th of June 2006 a new text. The old text (order yearcollection) is replaced by a new text (digital photo). From the 12th of June 2006 you can order this variety . (the promotion of the booklet is from the 12th of June untill the 31st of October 2006) The postoffices were informed on the 10th of June. From this date postoffices are able include this booklet in their monthly orders. There will only be a few postoffices that could deliver this booklet on the 12th of June. (With thanks for the info Mr. H.M. v.d. Bruggen)

 Backside of the booklet no.10 with the new text.

Postage labels the Netherlands
TNT Post mentioned on the reciept.

The 31st of may 2006 the reciepts heading is changed from TPG to TNT. More specific: "TNT Post" on the reciepts of the business points and "TNT Post Servicepunt" on the reciepts of the servicepoints.

Coilstamps the Netherlands
DM-stamp Postaumaat

The 3rd of february TPG delivered the DM stamp (DirectMail) at Postaumaat. This stamp is designed by Nicolien van der Keur and is following the design of the bulletin cover. The stamps were delivered in 2 rolls of 5000. In the March Bulletin, the members of this club will get additional info about ordering the stamps. Collectors who arent member of this club can order this stamp at : Simon J. Delfos. The costs are 2,- per stamp or 4,- for a 5-strip, exclusive sending costs.

 The DM-stamp of Postaumaat and a strip of 6.

Automat labels the Netherlands
New type automat.

On dates not yet known, in the first half of November 2006, a new automat of Wincor Nixdorf will be placed in shopping centres in Heemstede and Nijmegen. Probably there will be a new design of automat label used. Based on the image, the payment is only possible with a chipcard or creditcard, not with cash. Wether it's an ATM-automat or an ABAS type like the one used in Houten is still unclear.


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